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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I work with Synerqi Health Resourcing?
    A diagnosis of cancer is serious. Don't waste your time and money chasing options that may hold no value. SHR will provide you with comprehensive, evidence-informed information quickly and efficiently to answer your questions. Be confident making your decisions. Get through your diagnosis and treatment knowing you're making the best choices for you.
  • How do I get answers to my questions?
    Book a consultation. This will enable you to speak one on one with an experienced SHR consultant. For your convenience, this is available by phone or by video conference. You will be guided through a comprehensive discussion of your current health challenges and identify the questions you need answered.
  • What if I don't know what to ask?
    SHR will guide you through a comprehensive discussion to identify what is most important for you. Our experienced consultants have worked with hunderds of patients and are very skilled at helping clients compile questions ranging from those more commonly asked to those which are more unique.
  • Do I have to have cancer to get help from SHR?
    No. Anyone who is interested in comprehensive, evidence-informed information in an easy to understand format, delivered quickly and efficiently, can benefit from our service. SHR often works with the family or loved ones of someone dealing with cancer. We understand the stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil that results when someone close is diagnosed with cancer. SHR will help you navigate through the unexpected and unknown as a knowledgable and experienced ally.
  • I've already started treatment but still have questions - can SHR help me?
    Whether you have just been given your diagnosis or are well into your treatment plan, SHR will provide you with comprehensive, evidence-informed information at any stage along the way. You deserve to have the information you need to feel confident making your decisions.
  • How long does it take to get my information package?
    Once you have completed your initial consultation, your personalized information pacakge can usually be provided to you within 3-7 days.
  • What if I need help understanding the information package?
    The information package will contain a summary written in easy to understand language. An SHR consultant is always available to review the information with you and ensure you have a good understanding of the information provided.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    The preferred payment method is e-transfer. Payment is also accepted thorugh PayPal and by credit card. There will be a 3% administration fee charged for credit card transactions.
  • Is SHR available for further consultation and information requests if I need it?
    Absolutely. As clients navigate their way through their diganosis, treatment and follow-up, more questions may arise that they wish to have answers to. You can be confident that SHR will be there to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information when you need it most.
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