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Michelle Phillips is the founder and CEO of Synerqi Health Resourcing.  She brings to the table a diverse background in medicine that spans a 30 year career.  Michelle graduated with her BSc in Genetics & Biology from the University of Alberta and her MS in Human Genetics, with a focus in counselling, from the University of Pittsburgh. After 15 years of practice in medical genetics, specializing in hereditary cancer, she returned to school for four years to study complimentary medicine. She has been in  private practice for twelve years.

SHR empowers our clients by providing accurate, evidence based information so they can successfully engage in their treatment and health management, resulting in better clinical outcomes.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their personal needs and expectations are heard and understood.  Cancer is a difficult diagnosis to process and navigate, especially in a healthcare system that is over worked and under staffed.  SHR works with each client individually, as a unique case.  Our job is to do the heavy lifting - dive into the research and find the information - so our clients don’t have to.  Our service allows our clients to spend their valuable time on what matters most to them, not worrying about how to decipher medical journals.


Synerqi Health Resourcing has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, helping patients survive and thrive.  We know the healthcare system.  We’ve helped patients navigate through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  We've helped prepare patients for their visits with oncologists, general physicians and nurses.  We’ve helped inform clients about multidisciplinary care for mind, body and spirit.  We've provided information on clinical trials and the newest cutting edge advancements in treatment .  Our professional, non-directive approach means that our clients can ask an endless  variety of questions and be confident they will receive the answers they need.

Working with patients who have been diagnosed with or are at risk for cancer has been a passion of Michelle’s for many years.  Working with patients and families at various teaching hospitals across Canada, as well as her personal experience going through her sister’s terminal diagnosis of cancer, is what led to the creation of SHR.

Michelle knows first hand what it is like to navigate a medical system that is over worked and under staffed.  The challenges can seem insurmountable and unless you've got a personal ally who knows the system and knows where to find the critical information you need, you're at risk of making decisions you may regret. Don't let the limited time you get to spend with your doctors make you feel scared or frustrated. Everyone deserves to feel confident when making decisions that impact their health.  Navigate through your diagnosis and treatment with a knowledgable and compassionate ally.  Let SHR provide you with the information you need to confidently chart your best course forward.  

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