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Navigate through your cancer diagnosis and treatment with a knowledgeable and compassionate ally

Synerqi Health Resourcing guides you through the unexpected and unknown, providing the tools you need to confidently chart your best course forward


Cancer can turn your world upside down


The questions running through your head can be really hard.

  • Who can I talk to?

  • Where can I go for treatment?

  • Do I even want treatment?

  • What decisions do I have to make?

  • What are my options?

  • Can I do something natural?

  • Could I combine treatment options?

  • How do I tell my friends and family?

  • What will my future look like?

  • Do I have time to think about this? 

Get Answers

Create a Plan

Take Back Control

SHR uses evidence based medical resources to provide the knowledge and information you need to get your questions answered 

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Knowledge is Power

SHR is an experienced navigator in the oncology field, providing comprehensive information quickly, to meet our client's short term and long term needs. 

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Client-Driven Approach

SHR provides clients with solid information on any topic relevant and important to their needs.  We respect and support all choices and decisions made by our clients 

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Each client is unique.  Each diagnosis is unique. SHR provides personalized information tailored specifically to each client's situation, based on their particular needs.

Your Path Forward

1. Book a Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation. This will enable you to speak one on one with an experienced SHR consultant.  For your convenience, this is available by phone or by video conference.   You will be guided through a comprehensive discussion of your current health challenges and identify the questions you need answered. 

2. Get Answers to Your Questions 

Following the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive package of evidence based information tailored to your specific questions and health concerns. The package will include a summary of the information in easy to understand language so you don't have to waste precious time figuring it out. 

3. Review of the Information Provided

Once you have received your package, a follow-up consultation is available to review the information, at your convenience. SHR will answer any questions you may have regarding the information provided and ensure you have the tools you need to confidently navigate your path forward.  

4. Confidently Choose Your Path Forward

With accurate, evidence based information, you can successfully engage in your treatment and health management, which is associated with better clinical outcomes (International All.Can Patient Survey).

Having questions about cancer is hard.  Not knowing the answers is harder. 
Synerqi Health Resourcing can help you navigate the complexities of your cancer diagnosis and treatment and provide the answers you need. We know you’re scared.  We know you’re overwhelmed.  We know cancer should be a four letter word.  We also know you’ve got lots of questions and SHR can help you find the answers.  Knowledge is power.  Be powerful.
Book your consultation today and take back control.

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